investment /ɪnˈvɛs(t)m(ə)nt/

noun: “the action or process of investing money for profit

Alvius / Talentpool

We were an early-stage investor in Talentpool, who initially specialised in using their technology platform and matching algorithm to match the highest quality graduate candidates to fast-growing and high-quality employers. Through extensive development of AI and other matching systems, this has now expanded to working with other professionals to aid them and hirers in making the right match. Using and further enhancing this software lead to the genesis of Alvius, who now provide SaAS Talentpool technology to a wide variety of public sector organisations. Talentpool completed its’ first acquisition in May 2020, and now boasts a highly experienced executive and non-executive board to guide the business through this period of exponential growth.

The Ambassador / MyBenefits

Make Work Better. A premier provider of employee benefits in the GCC region, we are proud to be both an investor and a trusted advisor to this business. Whilst employee benefits are almost expected by employees in Northern America and large parts of Western Europe, the concept is nowhere near as entrenched in the Middle East. This business has partnerships with a wide variety of lifestyle, health and wellbeing and leisure brands, enabling local employers to offer a wide variety of essential benefits to their employees. Employee engagement is a key factor in productivity, meaning that this concept is a very cost-effective way for employers to give back, and get more, from their staff.

The largest business our partners have built had over £150m of annualised turnover before disposal.

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